Contact your Representatives

Below is a list of your representatives. Please contact and specifically state that you oppose FuelCell Energy building and operating a Power Plant in Trumbull on the corner of Primrose Drive and Huntington Turnpike. Then, in your own words, express your concerns in just a few sentences or a paragraph or two. Please consider the following when sending your email:

Provide your full name and address.

Do not make 'property values' your first and only reason for opposing this. Of course this is important, but the Siting Council will need to hear more.

For example, you can express any concerns you have about protecting Connecticut's scenic and historical values; safety unknowns; unknown impact on the environment; immaturity of this kind of power plant; consumption of over 10,000 gallons of water a day; a highly-dense residential neighborhood; etc.

If you need more information please visit our Community Resources and Links or email

Please take the time to thank our representatives for their support on this issue and ask your friends and neighbors to do the same!

Title Name Email | Web Party Bills
Connecticut State House Representative Rowe, T.R. ( District 123 ) Mail To    Legislator Web Site R View List
Connecticut State House Representative Hwang, Tony ( District 134 ) Mail To    Legislator Web Site R View List
Connecticut State Senator Musto, Anthony J. ( District S22 ) Mail To    Legislator Web Site D View List
United States Senator
Dodd, ChristopherMail To    CT - US Senator Web Site D
United States Senator Lieberman, JosephMail To    CT - US Senator Web Site I
United States Congressperson Himes, Jim ( District 4 ) Mail To    CT - US Representative Web Site D  
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