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This type of power plant has NEVER been put in densely populated neighborhoods, and as FuelCell Energy states, they are “inherently dangerous,” use “flammable fuels, ” and “corrosive carbonate material” that “are combustible and may be toxic.” Once the precedent is set for allowing companies like FuelCell Energy to build power plants on high traffic roads in residential neighborhoods, there will be nothing to stop them from BUILDING SIMILAR PROJECTS IN ANY NEIGHBORHOOD IN CONNECTICUT. Get the facts!

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Town of Trumbull, CT Get the Facts!
Connecticut House Republicans - T.R. Rowe Power Plant Hearing Document
State Senator Anthony J. Musto Proposed Bill
The Connecticut Siting Council  
Trumbull Times article - "Legislators win fuel cell hearing"  
FuelCell Energy, Inc. (FCEL) - F4Q09 Earnings Call  
Chemical Safety Board - Sheds Light on Fatal Kleen Energy Explosion  
CTEnergyInfo - Project 150  
Connecticut Clean Energy Fund  
Appomattox Gas Line Explosion  
Scientific American article  
Tennessee Gas Pipeline - New England pipline maps  
California says NO to FuelCell Energy proposal Link to Ruling
Renewable energy initiative struggles through recession  
Trumbull residents seek Siting Council changes  
Youtube video of Trumbull-Nichols area  
Representative T.R. Rowe - Public Health Committee Chair Visits Trumbull  

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